Thursday, October 2, 2008


Its when you realise how sad the world is that you begin to feel sad to be a part of it.

Its when you realise how much the same everyone is that you begin to feel so very alone.

Its when you realise that theres nobody out there who will ever really know you, that you begin to know yourself.

When you begin to understand the world, you begin to realise that nobody will ever really understand you.

In all the hope that has been lost, you hope that everything you understand can still be proven wrong.

The loneliness drives you.

The darkness comforts you.

And everyone around you could be just another person just like you, afraid theres nothing to live for.

The rain feels like your mother, hushing you when you're sad.

The earth feels like your father, supporting you at all times, someone to fall against.

6 billion people. And counting.

Nature never speaks. But its always there.

People never stop talking. Always talking. And they'll never stop talking. Not even the deaf, the blind or the mute.

But who are they? Who is any one of them and who are you?

The people are nothing to you when you are nothing to them.

Its a crying shame. Its a shame that there are people crying. Crying over all the wrong things.

There are those who call everything evil, just to hide the evil in their hearts.


Do you hear the rain that always falls at the back of your mind? Your mind is a

grimey city street where it always rains and nobody ever walks. All the people that you see are in their cars

or buses but they never walk. It is dark. A dark night where you cant hear anything but the rain.

No crickets, no owls, no talk. Just the the splattering of drops and splashing of tyres driving through

the deluge. And always you sit at the window, some window. Looking through the glass at the rain, the black night

and the occasional light. Sometimes like now you actually take a step outside to get wet. To remember what it

felt like to be you. Back in the days when people walked the streets but some of them could hurt you.


Its better this way, you know. Its better. No people rather than evil people. People who would hurt you,

people you could kill.

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