Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A fairytale called life

--A fairytale called life

Sometimes i feel like dying
and living my next life
as the shade of a tree
or the smell of rain on a hot day
and it is not a death wish
but a wish to be more beautiful than beauty itself

My god is in the forest, in the trees
she lives in a warm embrace, quickened breath
he has a house in the kind of pain that makes you feel like your skin is tearing from your soul
My god walks in the sky and is a dark-heavy cloud, angry with tears

my god is not your God
and asks nothing of me
only demands that i be free
and that i listen, think, see

my soul is in the trees and the streams
my heart in the moist earth and dusty dunes

when i die i will be forever silent
but i will scream with the wind
and howl with the wolves
and cry with ravens

i will cheer with the waterfalls
and sigh with the oceans
and i will grumble with the earth

sometimes i feel like dying
and being god
but it is not a death wish

--Stark Botha