Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life and Limbo

There is a life that some of you dont know.
There is a life i lead, that none of you know.
A life where it is the norm
To be so alone
that you can feel your soul bleeding.

So go on all of you, you all
enjoy your lives, so fruitful and full
of joy.
Your partners and families, uncles aunts and even dogs.
Go have your happy little life, without me.

Me, on the other hand,
let me sit here
like a laurel'd hero in my own world.
Akimbo of this vaudevillian life.

A veteran am i
on not being known
nor understood
but that is not chief of my fears

the monster that haunts me most
is the wasted hours by myself.
Is life really life in absence of fellows?
Is time spent alone, akin to hanging from the gallows?

- Stark Botha

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