Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sunset of the sunrise

Let me tell you about the girl i met last night
In a quiet busy bar during daytime
She came along as plain as day
as beautiful as the rising sun

She guided me by the hand or by the eyes or by the ears,
i really cant remember
we went outside and sat on the grassy sidewalk
under a tree
and spoke a little bit about her and me

She had an encouraging disapproval
she was no scientist or mathematician
but oh god wsa she pretty

And just like that she whisked out an easel
and a pallette and started painting
the bakkie accross the road
which carried a rack of tools and vegetables

though we had on one side the breathtaking mountain
with crevace like frozen sides and that silencing presence
on the other side we had the quietly thunderous ocean
dropping crystal blue swells almost on top of us

yet none of this was in the picture
that was drawn by this vision of mine

i was taken, in mind and in soul
and in everything else i had to give
smitten and sold and beyond love
with that avatar of heaven behind the blue eyes an heart stopping smile

But i will never see her again
not ever
that was a once in a lifetime experience
i wish it wasnt, and that i could just drop everything and go find her again

But by the end of tomorrow i'll probably have forgotten what she looks like