Thursday, October 2, 2008

The moth and the butterfly

What is the nature of a flower
to a creature in the sky?
it is all the world and more
to a butterfly

what is the nature of a flame
in the night's cloudy froth?
the single-most deathly lust
to a moth

the moth flies swiftly to its demise
wanting for the brightest flame it spies
over every obstacle she will fly
only in putrid smoke to die

wings up in flame
a never ending game
the moth would do everything in its power
to go to the flame and not the flower

the butterfly is drawn to the flower
the sweet sweet nectar gives it its power
the butterfly will shy away from the flame
it will not dance the deathly game

floating on the softly scented summer breeze
beautifully fluttering with grace and with ease
to sip away at wholesome heaven's water
to fly again another day, nature's daughter

-Stark Botha

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